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Texas Bride

Several years ago I photographed a bride-to-be at a park near Luling, Texas. As soon as we arrived it started to rain, which was disappointing, to say the least. I got out the plastic and wrapped up my equipment, hoping to make the best of the situation. But in about 10-15 minutes the rain stopped and what remained was clear, deep blue skies and an eery hugh of orange/yellow, which made for really rich, beautiful photos. The photo here was captured of the bride standing beneath the old mill that had stood at the site for over 100 years. It’s a classic…even in black and white.

bride at Zedler Mill

Colorful Wedding Flowers

This wedding photo is a favorite of mine because it is so rich in color. The bride selected bright orange, red and yellow flowers for her wedding arrangement and bouquet which are reminiscent of bright, sunny days. The irony was that this wedding in particular was almost rained out, and was temporarily moved indoors for about 30 minutes because of a passing shower.

colorful wedding arrangement

Wine Barrel

As I sort through some old favorite photos, I’m finding more and more that are shots of inanimate objects, much like this wine barrel. This photograph was taken at a vineyard located west of Austin just after the wedding ceremony finished. Enjoy!

wine barrel austin

Bridesmaids Playing Near Fountain

I’ve decided to begin a new segment of my wedding and event photography blog: Pic of the Day! I am starting to realize that there are many photos from past events that don’t get shared, that I really enjoy. Often times blogging means shorter, more abbreviated writing about a wedding, as well as just a few photos to go along with the story. If I snap 1,000 images on a wedding day and only share 3-4 images on my blog, that usually leaves alot unsaid and unseen. So I’m going through my past events to find some gems that didn’t get shared already, but should have been shared.

This image was snapped at Canyon of the Eagles just after a wedding ceremony, just before one of the most orange and beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. 2 bridesmaids were playing tag behind a water fountain and enjoying the fall colors and temperatures…

See more (and read more) of this wedding at Canyon of the Eagles:

canyon of eagles wedding

Driskill Hotel Bride

Here’s another pic of the day – one of my favorite shots of a bridal session photographed by Austin Americana at the world famous Driskill Hotel, in downtown Austin, Texas.

Driskill Hotel Austin Texas

SeaWorld Killer Whale

jumping whaleHere’s a  sequence of photos of the killer whale at SeaWorld jumping which I thought was pretty cool. Although I have to admit that I was pretty lazy as a photographer for this shoot (I made no effort to get closer to the water). On the flipside, SeaWorld has helpful signs posted where the “splash zones” are, which I interpret as “can get your camera soaking wet zone.”  :) Getting your camera wet is something that is not preferred as a photographer, especially a full-frame, 20+ megapixel camera!

jumping whale

jumping whalejumping whale

Drought and Low Lake Levels in Central Texas

As everyone in Central Texas knows, we are currently in a severe drought, with no rainfall in sight. I don’t live near the lake, so when I arrived for my photo shoot in Lakeway on Lake Travis a few days ago it really hit me how dry things are. At the time these photographs were taken, the lake levels for Lake Travis were less than 640 ft, approximately 30 feet less than the normal average lake levels according to LCRA data.  Of particular interest to me were the bare, white rock shores of the lake; in most places on Lake Travis near Lakeway Resort & Spa (on the southernmost portion of Lake Travis) there is a large gap between where boat docks normally sit, and the much lower point on the lake where they now sit. Another interesting thing I witnessed was a pickup truck driving along the dry lake bed (where water would normally be at least 10-20 ft deep) in the bottom photo.

Hopefully our drought will end soon and this will all just be a memory next year. Hopefully….

Low Lake Levels at Lake Travis

Low Lake Levels at Lake TravisLow Lake Levels at Lake Travis

Sneak Peek: Lakeway Bridal Photo Session

Here’s a sneak peek of Austin Americana’s latest photo shoot at Lakeway Spa & Resort in Lakeway, Texas (just west of Austin). More to come, including color images, soon…

Bride at Lakeway Spa Resort


Austin Political Event Photography

I recently found out that Cvent, an event management company, is having a photo contest. One of my past clients has encouraged me to include a photo from the political event I photographed in the not so distant past. So I did. Here are some other photos (including my entry) from the event. Honestly, event photography can be as much or more fun than weddings, which is Austin Americana’s “bread and butter”. So I hope to shoot more events like this one in the future…Vote for my photo here:

Zilker Botanical Garden Couple Photos

Zilker Botanical Garden located in Central Austin is probably the place I’ve photographed the most events. It’s a popular place amongst couples and brides for good reasons, many of which I’ve detailed in previous blogs. At any rate, it’s a beautiful garden with lots of photographic options, as well as a great history. A few weeks ago I photographed friends Meagan and Mario who smartly scheduled our session for early A.M., avoiding the terrible Texas heat. It was another successful love bird session at Zilker…


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