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American Graveyard

American Graveyard Photo

American Graveyard Photographed At "The Mean Eyed Cat" In Austin

American Graveyard, a local Austin Americana Rock/Country/Bluegrass hybrid band has experienced an explosion in popularity lately. They recently posted a new video from their brand new album, Hallelujahland, on YouTube. The band frequently plays at places in Austin like Antone’s, Threadgill’s and the Continental Club.

I was just looking at their Facebook page and remembered that I photographed the band 3-4 years ago when I was just getting started shooting weddings. Although the photos probably weren’t my best work, I’m still proud to have been a tiny part of the history of American Graveyard. As Joe Dirt would say, “keep on, keepin’ on, man!” – (and keep rocking those venues!)

My photograph of the band was featured at The Alternate Root (an online music magazine) and on the San Marcos Local News online newspaper.

Here’s a couple more photos of the band that you probably won’t see anywhere else!   :~)

American Graveyard Band In Color

American Graveyard Black & White

American Graveyard – Austin, Texas

The Austin Chronicle says that Austin’s Band, American Graveyard is,

“From bluegrass to blues, country to punkgrass, jazz to what-the-f#@k? – American Graveyard is brewing a stew of American music served hot off the stove and backed up with a glass of moonshine.”

I like the music and the guys are super great people. Last time I saw them they opened up for Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears so they only could’ve gotten better. Like any a lot of other music, it’s best experienced live. In the meantime here’s there latest video. Go check these guys out at their next show! Great stuff…


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