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Baby Photography

This past week I had the pleasure of photographing a brand new life: a baby girl! It’s not often that I get the opportunity to photograph babies, especially now that my son is getting into the toddler years, so I savor the joy and the challenge of photographing a little one.

Baby photography is challenging and fun for a lot of reasons. It can be challenging because babies are unpredictable and volatile. On my drive over to my shoot I wondered if my 3 week old subject would even be awake for our infant photo session, since babies of her age typically sleep all the time. But to my excitement she was awake and wide-eyed for almost our entire 1 hour photo session. Another concern was crying. We all know that babies cry and it’s something that parents can’t necessarily control, sometimes even with consolation and TLC. But again, baby came through with flying colors, as did mom and dad for being there to care for her every time she felt like crying.

Baby Feet!

Our photo session went off great. Baby was awake and alert for most of the session and how hard can it be to photograph the love and affection between parents and their newborn? For me it seemed easy and it was a rewarding experience. I hope that mom and dad enjoy these baby photos as much as I do.



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