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Short Notice Photographer

Latest Wedding Photos Update:

Later this week I’m going to be posting some beautiful photos of one of the last weddings that I photographed near Dripping Springs, Texas, at a place called Driftwood Winery. More and more wineries and vineyards are springing up every day in Central Texas, and Driftwood Winery is a special place that worth visiting for the Texas wine conesieur and traveler alike. More about that later…

What’s happening now:

Have you ever needed a service on short notice? Frequently we need services on short notice, such as a plumber or auto repair. And in a high demand world where there is more and more demand for services to be done quickly, Austin Americana Photography is stepping forward and offering photography service that is ready on short notice!

Wedding photographers have to be ready on short notice anyway and are required to be mobile in nature. After all, weddings happen quickly and are unfolding at a rapid pace – which can be a challenge for any wedding photographer. But after photographing dozens of weddings, I can tell you that the challenge of photographing a wedding eventually just becomes a standard part of the job – which is handled with good planning, foresight and experience.

wedding flower bouquet

But what if you need a photographer today or tomorrow, on short notice? Most photographers would probably say no, that is, if they answer their phone. In fact, many businesses in general expect to be allowed a certain amount of time between jobs to prepare or gather resources. But as a wedding photographer, I can tell you that Austin Americana Photography, much like emergency service providers, usually has equipment at the ready if we’re called to a job on short notice.

So when a bride who lived outside of Austin called us recently requesting a next day bridal photography session, my answer was of course, “Yes we can provide quick photographic service.” We also provide accelerated turnaround time for editing and printing if requested. And this kind of positive, good customer service has gotten Austin Americana lots of happy clients and more return business. And we’re really happy about making our clients satisfied, return customers. Now if we could just get a few of them to go to Yelp and leave us a review….:)


Getting The Shot and Still Making Time for the Family (and other stuff).

I recently attended a training class about managing time and priorities. Essentially it was an organizational class teaching students how to be more efficient by eliminating or speeding up the normal tasks we perform every day. It was a helpful class and I’d recommend it to anyone who needs that kind of training. The reason it comes to mind is that sitting here at 9pm on a Sunday night I’m feeling exhausted and wondering how  (or why) I decided to fit so many things into my calendar this weekend.

In my time management class the instructor told us that we should have no more than three (3) major events or projects going on at one time, either professional or social (combined). For example a person might be juggling their career, their family and be a member of a soccer league. Those three things, according to our instructor, make up a complete schedule of things to do or for which to be responsible. Anything more would mean that your life balance might break down and essentially something would get “short-changed”.

This weekend felt like I exceeded my threshold for things to do, between family time, personal commitments and shooting a wedding and a bridal photography session. Just being on the road caused enough challenges. On Saturday alone, I bounced from Austin to Pflugerville, to Lockhart and Dripping Springs, sometimes in different cars and including wardrobe changes.  But I have to say, other than the weather being hot and humid, I still feel blessed to have the opportunity to participate and be a part of so many people’s lives in so many facets.

Later this week I hope to blog a little more about a new wedding venue just outside Austin (new to me). It’s a vineyard called Driftwood Winery and it’s a wonderful place to have a wedding. Imagine sitting atop the highest hill you can imagine in the hill country, sipping on local texas wine and looking down upon dozens of acres of grapes. It’s a pretty fulfilling and relaxing experience just enjoying the ambience of such a place, even without all the pomp and excitement of a wedding. More to come on that later…

Driftwood Vineyard Pavillion

Wedding Pavillion at Driftwood Estate Winery


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